Aquatic hiking discovery

Ideal for families and kids


Suitable for age 8 onwards, river trekking is a canyoning descent supervised by a state-qualified instructor.

The descent is strewn with obstacles, giving the chance to check out the jumps, slides and streams to swim across.

Obstacles are not compulsory and can be avoided – everyone can go at their own pace.

River trekking is ideal for school outings, groups of children, families, and also for outings with friends.

Ability to swim essential

3 rivers to explore

La comane



A rugged route, a river trek with wonderful enclosed valleys. The final part of the river is spectacular


Le claps (Lower part)

Luc en Diois 


 The River Drôme is sunk deep in the boulder-strewn rockfall of Le Claps. The lower part of the river is an itinerary accessible to everyone from 8 years old depending on the water level. Jumping bridge, swimming and passages to swim through


Les Gleyzoles

vallée de la Roanne


Superb, rugged river; this trip starts with a 30 minute trek up the route. This trek takes place in the Provençal setting of the Roanne Valley.

Multi activity offers

Equipment and safety for canyoning

Rates : 

ActivitéTimeSingle personGroup over 6 pers.Availability

River trek * ADULT over 16 

River trek * CHILD under 16

Half day

1Half day

40 €

35 €

38 €

32 €

Age 8 and over

Ability to swim essential

Canyoning *
Le rio sourd & le Betton
Le claps full 

Half day
Half day

45 €
45 €
42 €
42 €

Age 10 and over

Ability to swim essential

Canyoning *Full day65 €60 €

Age 12 and over

Ability to swim essential