Canyoning in Drome

The Drôme has several rivers and valleys that have been famed among canyoning enthusiasts for many years for their beauty and the technical challenge of their routes. A canyoning descent requires accompaniment by a supervisor to avoid risk of accidents, and to allow an introduction to safe canyoning. From the Léoncel valley to the Les Écouges falls in Saint Gervais, or to the meanders of the gorges of Les Gets in the Diois on the river Drôme, a host of canyoning descents for all levels is offered by our team of guides and instructors with a state diploma in canyoning.

Our canyoning descents

Drôme Aventure offers you several canyoning itineraries suited to your level of ability. The youngest can practise on an introduction to canyoning with our water hikes, ideal for families and young children. The sportier canyoning enthusiasts will be able to experience a more challenging canyoning descent where excitement is guaranteed. Our 9 canyoning descents are systematically supervised by a state-qualified guide who ensures that conditions necessary for your safety are met. Canyoning in the Vercors or the Drôme is there for you!


The canyoning routes in the Vercors

Do you want to go canyoning in the Vercors? We offer 2 full-day canyoning descents in the Vercors: the Canyon des Écouges and the Canyon du Léoncel. These canyons are famed for their level of challenge but are still "intermediate" level canyons. A little canyoning experience is desirable (but not compulsory) and a minimum age of 12 is required.

Many jumps and abseiling descents make these canyons very popular with mountain and river lovers.


Canyoning routes in Drôme

The canyoning routes we offer in the Drôme are open to all levels, from beginners to the most experienced. We offer 4 canyoning descents, from very quiet water hiking to abseiling, jumping in water pools, and sliding down natural toboggans. The destinations offer unique natural landscapes that take you to the heart of the rivers of the Roanne valley in the south, or to the Gorges des Gets further east. Don't hesitate to ask us for more information about canyoning routes in the Drôme and the conditions of access to this activity.

Our water hikes

The water hike is ideal for spending some family time with young children in a majestic and unique setting. Come and be at one with the water, the rock, the plants ... and everything that makes up the world of a valley river. The aquatic hike gives you a gentle introduction to canyoning. All obstacles can be avoided by walking along the river bank, to let everyone proceed at the same pace and without stress. The water hike offers an introduction for the youngest or for canyoning novices.


5 reasons to practise canyoning in Drôme


Canyoning in the Drôme or the Vercors is waiting for you. Why come canyoning with Drôme Aventure?

- Canyoning descents are accessible to ALL levels

- The routes are set in a unique preserved natural environment.

- An activity suitable for a family or group activity

- A geographical location close to major roads (1h)

- Little or no approach walk to reach the starting points ! 

Opening hours

- During summer, from July, 8 to August, 27, 2023
  • Everyday from 10 AM to 7 PM.
Open to groups with booking from March, 30, to November, 15. 

For more information appart from these opening  hours, we invite you to join us by e-mail:  or phone (+33) 06 79 37 18 38.