eco-responsible commitment

Our eco-responsible and quality charter

Engaged in quality label"Qualité tourisme France" and in an eco responsible charter, we implemented energy effiency policies and ecological engagements: 

- 95% of our advertising documents is done with recycled paper and vegetal inks :

- our trip organisation is local (food, soft mode of transports, nautre outdoor activities)

- Mobility: alone in the car?   DROMOLIB is a Biovalley project in order to offer car-pooling for our clients

- We offer a soft mode of transportation bonus for our associates who come to work by bicycle

- Our suplliers is at least european or french for our safety equipment ( Clic-it made in France, Climbing technologie UE, Coudou PRO, etc..)

- Car pooling preferences during tours for our visitors

- local accomodation in order to limit your transports

- Dry toilet are implemented in both of our sites

-  Use of recycled toilet paper and paper for our printings

- Digitalization of all our documents: quotations, commercial invoices,...

- Sorting of our wastes on our activity sites

- local wood supply in our timber mill partner and self-construction of our sites ( scierie GIORGIS à DIE & scierie MAILLEFAUD à Mensac )



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"Qualité tourisme France" Label 

Labelled in 2017, the audit, made by an independant consultant, assure you of the quality of our delivery

TRip advisor 2016 certificart d'excellence .png

Trip advisor 

Excellence 2016 & 2018 certification laureate, we encourage our visitors to let us comments in order to improve our services.