You must book your outdoor activities this summer 2023




What should I wear?

According to the chosen activity, swimsuit or sportswear?

Consult our preparation sheet for your outing Here (FR)





Meeting points for your booked activities?

Depending on the booked activity, the meeting point is not necessarily at the Drôme Aventure leisure hub.

For example, the via ferrata du Claps has its own meeting point (snack du Claps).

The descent of the canyon of Le Claps (Saut de la Drôme) also has a meeting point with the guide next to the Snack du Claps.

When you make your booking, please pay attention to the "receipt" sent by email, which fixes the meeting point. Do not hesitate to contact us to check together the exact place where your outdoor activity will take place.



What happens in case of bad weather?

Be careful, the weather forecast is variable and specific to our mountain areas.

Only the instructor/guide can decide to cancel a scheduled activity. This cancellation can be made in advance but also at the last minute depending on the instructor/guide's final assessment.

In case of cancellation on your part, please refer to our cancellation conditions in the T&Cs.

Date postponement: in the case of an activity cancellation due to weather conditions, another date will be offered you.